sabato 23 novembre 2013

Foff Comics - Nuzlocke 5 (Running Errands)

Starring: Melfist, Cutter, Mr. Pokémon, Samuel Oak, Stolen Cyndaquil, Unnamed Rival.
Script: I hit Prof. Oak so hard he learned Amnesia.
Pencils: The cyndaquil didn't choose the Thug Life. The Thug Life chose him. Yeah, that's his name.
Colours: why they are so good at matching colours ç_ç

Good news and bad news.
Guys, it's Day of The Doctor. I'm almost hyperventilating. But apparently I can draw much faster now, so I can draw more Nuzlocke Comics.
And let's go to the bad news.
I can't draw any more Nuzlocke Comics. None of the emulators work. If you have a Nintendo DS and a spare copy of SoulSilver, and are really appreciating this comic (almost as much as I do, and I do a lot) lend me those for the duration of this epic story. Otherwise, it's time for usual Foff Comics once again: it's not that I don't want to go back to the original program, but I was REALLY enjoying Nuzlocke this way. Even though I was just at the beginning.
Lemme know what do you think of this. Give me some feedback, damn it! I want to show you, everyone, that I can do more.
Stay tuned.

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