venerdì 29 novembre 2013

Foff Comics 1 - A sudden return to unreality

Starring: Melfist, Hellringer, Gorach, Cupido Franky
Script: made of pure unicorn tears
Pencils: Slammin'
Inks: Michael Jordan
Colours: Quad City

So, thanks a lot. I couldn't make any more Nuzlocke, but I will keep working on this.
Meanwhile I will give you my personal compilation of the 10 best Slam Jam Remixes. I 'm completely into this.

10 - It made it nearly in the top 10 and no one can tell me otherwise.
9 - I'm not a Gaga fan but both the song and the video are priceless.
8 - Just for Homestuck fans.
7 - Some days you just can't get rid of a ball.
5 - The countless battles, the unforgettable slams.
4 - Both catchy, really interesting to see them mashing together so well. Just off the podium, unfortunately, but, hey, who you gonna call?
3 - Very smooth, excellent technique, beautiful choice. It was hard not putting it a step higher.
2 - The first I heard. Still the best in my heart, and in both sides of The Force.
1 - The perfection was achieved by putting together the two most adaptable songs together. They go with EVERYTHING. Absolutely EVERYTHING. Comes in two flavours:
I still hate the horrible manga tho.

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