martedì 29 maggio 2012

The Great Wave

I'm back.
I don't know if I already quoted Schwarzenegger, but now I've definitely, positively back.
And right now I've started this long post about everything that has been happening to me during the previous weeks. As my memory isn't the best around, I'll just start with the most recent stuff and go further into the past with my TARDIS.
First and most important: I've been sent an e-mail about the first playtest for D&D Next, aka the new edition. All in all, the playtest didn't surprise me too much. Anyway, I noticed some relevant differences from 3.5 Edition.
Wait, what? Were you thinking of anything concerning the 4th Edition? No, seriously? 4th Edition is serious crap. So serious that I'm going to the toilet straightaway after just thinking about it.
Now, back to the subject. Class progression hasn't been revealed, but some races have been given differences (i.e. hill dwarves and mountain dwarves) and classes have some themes that emphasize the way they are going to be played; I suppose these will be part of the new personalization program for the classes, together with true, effective background, that gives useful traits for the character.
The alignment system from 3.0 and 3.5 is back, and so are the spell slots and magic schools. Unfortunately, some dumbass must have thought that a spell like magic missile was weak enough to turn it into a cantrip.
Sure, like giving an infinitely supplied gatling gun with autotargeting systems to a 4-year old child. Sure, this won't make wizards overpowered.
Let's talk about the rules. No more Reflex, Fortitude and Will saves. Now If you're crashed under a press, you make a Strenght save. If you have to dodge a blade trap, you make a Dexterity save. If you are poisoned, you make a Constitution save. And so on. This sound a bit more realistic to me.
Armor is a different matter. I can't believe they put "dragon scale" among the medium armor, with scale and ringmail. Seriously, what if anyone wants to make a full plate in dragon hide? Would that be impossible? They should seriously remember the difference between materials and patterns.
Then I noticed the heavy armor. Only 5 feet less? Huh, fine, ok. But where's Dex modif...
Ok, I'll calm down.
There's still a lot of stuff to unveil, but I don't know if I must feel intrigued or frustrated.

Now, next subject. Mangas.
I finally finished everything that GUNNM (or Battle Angel Alita, if you will) had to offer. I still want more, it's too exciting. Too complex. Too emotional. Too perfect.
The love, the hate and the tragedy of Alita/Gally makes my heart tremble with excitement. The beautifully evil genius od Desty Nova, carved in madness and flesh; the Jeckyll/Hyde complex of Kaos and Den; the beauty of the soul of Alita. All of them make a perfect picture of a post-apocalyptic universe, not limited by the ordinary bounds of the genre, but free to roam into any issue with extraordinary realism.
On a different trail run the A.T. series, Air Gear, finally come to an end. I loved Air Gear, but I felt the last chapters were too concise. The story reached its climax and suddenly ended, leaving some issues unanswered. Still, I will keep reading it again and again and again. And I must learn to ride rollerblades.

I'm actually making a list of stuff that my friends need to read. It took me quite some time, but it was rewarding to have given a proper course of enlightenment to my friends. I'll share it with you since my scanner isn't connected with my notebook right now and I can't scan new drawings.

Eastern Comics that must be read:

-Battle Angel Alita
-Battle Angel Alita Last Order
-The Legend Of Mother Sarah
-Eyeshield 21
-Air Gear
-Tenju Tenge
-20th Century Boy
-Billy Bat
-Kimi No Iru Machi
-Blade Of The Immortal
-Yu Yu Hakusho
-One Piece
-Fairy Tail
-Deadman Wonderland
-Lodoss War
-Pokémon Adventures
-History Strongest Disciple Kenichi
-Others that I forgot

Western comics that must be read:
-Corto Maltese
-Books of Magic
-Kingdom Come
-V for Vendetta
-Sin City
-Le Garage Hermetique de Jerry Cornelius

-La foire aux Immortels
-Le Sommeil Du Monstre
-Civil War

Authors whose series must be entirely read:

-Terry Pratchett
-R.A. Salvatore

-Douglas Adams
-Neil Gaiman

-J.R.R. Tolkien
-G.R.R. Martin
-Dan Abnett
-Valerio Evangelisti
-Michael Moorcock
-H.P. Lovecraft

Have Fun.

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