domenica 12 febbraio 2012


Necrons are back. I just happened to play my first, real huge battle in Warhammer 40000 with my Necrons. The Tyranids were pretty bastard, but I enjoyed their perseverance. Quite amusing. It was a Dawn of War. I decided to came second. My opponent sent in his Hive Tyrant and waited for me. After I deployed a patchwork Night Scythe carrying my Pharaoh and his Tesla-equipped Immortals, and a bunch of Necron Warriors on the ground, he let his fuckin' genestealers come into play without my troops noticing. Unfortunately for my opponent the warriors handled the battle 'til the arrival of reinforcements: in that case, another group of warriors, gauss flayers blazing as the main fight ended. My C'tan shard survived quite a lot without doing absolutely nothing important. The Canoptek Wraiths, instead, played a main role fighting the Tyrant, even though it made it hard for them, using Parossism. That slowed things. And, obviously, the fact that both creatures had sothing that slowed down the enemy. On another part of the board, a Monolith appeared towering near the enemies. Meanwhile, the combined effort of a warrior squad and the main immortal squad completely obliterated a genestealer pack. Then, suddenly, a Tyranid Trygon popped out of nowhere and said 'hello' to the warriors. Unfortunately for him, the warriors took their phones and called the Monolith. 'Hello Steve. Teleport us away from here. Immediatly!' 'Consider it done, sir' And the Trygon, astonished, had nothing to eat. Then, the Pharaoh rushed forward and utterly damaged it.
Meanwhile the genestealers were vaporized by 56 gauss shots. But the game stopped when a huge pack of gaunts attacked from the side, together with the Doom of Malan'tai.
All in all I was lucky, I guess. But the Wraiths were simply amazing. Same for the Monolith and the Tesla weapons.

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