sabato 11 febbraio 2012

Memetic Memedom of Evermemeing Memeness

Everybody hail me for my epic debut into the meme world!
Ok, let's not make this bigger than it really is, because it's already OVER NINE THOUSANDS!
First of all, I must thank my unaware minions, Francesco Russo, ol'friend of mine, and his friend, Pietro Guglielmi. It's their combined effort who made this real. Actually, I found out this only a few minutes ago. I would have never thought of myself as a meme, LOLZ.
But now it's real. If you are interested in making my face become one of the main nightmares of the internet, plase visit this website. meme-addicts will thank you for your effort in making this huge internet pile of trash more interesting.
Oh, man, I'm gonna kick asses. More than I usually do. Much, much, much, much more. Mach 4, actually.
Ok, now it's time for some announcements.
This post is in English.

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