domenica 6 novembre 2011

This time, in English.

I suddenly noticed the subtle presence of some foreign visitors, coming from the farthest reaches of space. It's like daleks turned into neighbors in comparison. I mean, how could have I not noticed such a thing? People watch this shitty blog from the US, from Russia, from Germany! Wow, man, I'm famous! Maybe this time it's not KGB, CIA or other ol'friends of mine. Well, let's just keep my COOL FACE and go on with the show.
Because of our foreign guests, i decided to write the entire post in english. Politeness is not allowed, still, but drawings are. This gives me the chance to say this: if you ever made something that even vaguely resembled art, then you are some kind of artist. This advice is for you all: never stop being artists. Art is something that goes beyond language, it's a language on its own. It's inspiration from your gods, your demons, your personal muse, your soul, or anything darker or brighter than these. There are people who can't express art. Those people have all my compassion. It's not like they don't have a gift; it's a rejection. Rejecting a gift that is purely human, and divine at the same time, is a sin. Not christianically speaking, obviously. BTW, I don't even know if christianically is a real word. But if you got the meaning, its effect struck you in the way I wanted, then now is a word that makes sense. You see? Even neologisms are part of an art, the art of the language that we use everyday to express all our hypocrisies, our intolerances, our hatred, our hopes, our unfulfilled destinies, our cries for help, our curses, our words of love. Dante made this clear writing the Divine Comedy, using foreign words, creating new ones, mixing all together and showing us what his weird mind imagined as the final destination for all those who worshipped that guy on the cross over there.
I've got nothing against Jesus, let's say it loud. We were friends, we shared some days together cutting wood in Bethlem. I always thought his ideas could be shown to the world without claiming direct descendance from an atavic jew god of wrath and mercy. He also had some strange issues about cannibalism, but it was everything in his head, he never actually did anything. I suppose.
Well, let's pass to simpler issues. I was asking myself what really makes people laugh. I just showed some black humor, and I dare to say that I'd be glad, in case nobody laughed or even smiled, if at least you didn't feel offended. I always believe that some humor is easier to laugh about, but this doesn't mean that only that kind of humour should be allowed. The laugh, in its deepest roots, is the act of showing happiness, or at least some appreciation to some issues, put in a different light. You see, the issue never changes, it's the perspective that changes. I wouldn't dare to ask you to see olocaust from Hitler's point of view, because you could laugh of his evil, turn his pathetic figure into a ridiculous pawn of intolerance, but you would never accept his madness when you're not joking.
This leads me to the poing of the joke, still entwined to the concept of laugh. humanity always had problems accepting jokes on death, sex, and other main issues that had a high degree of importance in our life. The point is stigmatizing those issues. Again, the issue doesn't change, it's the perspective. Still, fear is not an option. Blind faith, neither. We have seen our childhood heroes facing their enemies without fear, but I believe this is not the expression of the bravest men we have in the world. The bravest is the one who laughs in front of danger. This kind of man isn't mad; He does have an idea of what he's facing. Still, he decides to fight laughing. His enemy will be nothing more to his eyes. At the very least, a hilarious death will be delivered, which is sometimes a good death. Obviously, if you have ever breathed some of The Joker's venom, you know that NOT all the hilarious deaths are good.
Now I believe it's time to go. I hope you liked this little change for just one post, a bit of a language that can be better understood from the place you read. Obviously, my italian readers will curse me to the death for this. Or maybe they will just watch the pictures, since they can't read; who knows...
However, have I already said this? I'M IN LOOOVE!
Now I quit. But I had to say this. Maybe it's not the right love, maybe it's impossible, maybe it's stupid, maybe not. But I won't know until I have lived it all. Then I'll look back to all my past loves, and will never feel regret. Not for the ones that didn't end well, not for the one that has never even flourished. Experience is never bad, I suppose.
I hope you keep following this little pathetic blog. Please, leave a comment, something, some fucking feedback at least. Leave a trace of you passing through this blog.
This is for you: you have seen this part of the universe, the part in which my thoughts are expressed; and for this simple reason, I thank you, whoever you are.
I hope my grammar, my syntax and my punctuation weren't so bad; I hope you enjoyed this post, my drawings so far, and this whole blog. And with this, i finally quit.
Lights out.

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